Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ingredients Used in Natural Creams/Balms/Ointments

Only the finest and natural Ingredients!!

I will be doing posts about what ingredients I am using in my preparations.  I think it's important for my customers to know what I am using and why.  Tonight is about Shea Butter!!

Shea Butter - Made from the 'Karite nut trees' from Africa, this all natural butter is extracted from the fruit and crushed and boiled until the butter rises to the top.  It is then scooped up and left to cool.  Shea butter is known for it's healing dermatological and cosmetic powers world wide.  It is extremely hydrating and soothing to the skin. (please note that these statements are not endorsed nor tested by the FDA).

I have had many comments about my products about how soothing they are to their skin!  One customer told me she gave her friends 'gift baskets' at a 'Girlfriends Retreat'.  One of the ladies had plaque psoriasis on her feet and with just two uses of my foot cream, it had improved!!  This makes me feel so good!  Thank you Charlene!! 

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