Sunday, June 10, 2012

All Natural Food Colorings!

I'm so allergic to everything that I'm always looking for anything that will help me avoid chemicals.  One of the things that get me the most is food coloring.  Other countries outside the US don't allow artificial food coloring's in the foods.  While many manufacturers are starting to remove them from foods, most do not.  I have found some wonderful sources to get these natural coloring's from!!  What are natural food coloring's?  Annatto powder, beet powder, turmeric powder (though I'm allergic to that one), and more.  Here is one source that I use and just ordered more!!  Chocoloate Craft Kits!!  They will ship right to you and have liquid, powder, or paste form depending on whether you are using water based or oil based formulations!  Check them out!!

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