Saturday, June 30, 2012

It's ready!! Sunburn Relief Lotion!!

Sunburn Relief Lotion A soothing and relieving lotion for when you've just had too much fun in the sun!!  I personally have used this on my own burns as I usually burn, peel, and just look terrible afterwards!!  It is so soothing and relieving to the skin it is amazing!!  I didn't do the usual 'peel' immediately after my burn and actually got a bit of a tan which I never do.  This is true for your typical first degree burns only!!  Depending on the level of your burn will depend on your personal results.  This has a brand new all natural preservative to keep it safe from germs!!  Radish Root Ferment Filtrate!!  See my 'Ingredients' page for more information!!  As always, if you have a severe burn, please seek medical attention!!  These statements have NOT been tested by the FDA and does not constitute endorsement by them in any way!!  Price for a 4oz sealed bottle is $8.00.

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