Saturday, July 28, 2012

New Dip Mix and a few Spice Refills!!

Yeah!!  A new Vegetable Dip Mix and a few of the spice blends are now in 2 oz refill sizes!!  The Vegetable Dip Mix is - A mix of dried chopped vegetables including carrot, spinach, green and red peppers with smoked sea salt, pepper, basil, oregano, and sun dried tomatoes for a wonderful chip dip!!
2oz Heat Sealed pack $3.00

The Italian Spice Blend, Bayou Spice Blend and Mexican Spice Blend are now available in 2 oz refill sizes!! The bags are heat sealed so you know they are not tampered with!!  As soon as I can get the bags for the 4 oz refill sizes I will have those as well!!  I was told the bags would hold 4 oz, but unfortunately they only hold 2 oz.  So, stay tuned!!  You can find these items on the products page and are available now!!

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