Thursday, July 19, 2012

Probiotics - Are they really worth it?

In a nutshell - YES!  Every human body has both good and bad bacteria on and in their body.  It is this symbiotic relationship that helps us survive every day.  But when something goes awry, we get sick, often get put on antibiotics to fight an infection, the bad bacteria has taken over and those antibiotics set out and destroy that bad bacteria.  What you don't know is that while that antibiotic is 'killing' the 'bad' bacteria it is ALSO killing the 'good' bacteria that you need to survive!  The symbiotic relationship that you had going on in your body is no longer there!!  This is why many women get yeast infections, children and infants get thrush, you can get diarrhea, upset stomach, etc. just from taking an antibiotic!!  It also leads more to allergies as well as what is known as 'leaky gut' syndrome.  So, take it from me, someone who has learned more the hard way, take probiotics daily!  It does a body good!!

Are all probiotics equal?  No!  Some probiotics have only one probiotic in it!  In order to get the full benefit it is best to get an organic, all natural probiotic that is gluten free, has no artificial colorings or additives, and has at least 2 billion colony forming units of the probiotics that it contains.  It should also contain more than one probiotic.  A probiotic containing at least six is best!  These are considered multi-complex and are most beneficial.  It also should be one that requires refrigeration!!  A good probiotic needs refrigeration to keep the probiotics alive!  Whenever I write a prescription for a patient, it is followed with a recommendation for a probiotic.  If their insurance will cover it, they get a script for one!  It helps prevent those nasty side effects one doesn't want when taking those antibiotics.  My patients are forever grateful when they take them!  What probiotic do I take?  I have found a great one recently!  It is "Nature's Dynamics Organics - Digestion Probiotics".  You can find them online or at a grocery store!  I found mine at my local Publix Grocery store very inexpensively!  Once the bottle is open, you do have to refrigerate these!  A bonus with this one is that it contains Flax seed, blueberry, elderberry, pomegranate, kale, and ginger!  All very helpful in digestion and immune function **.  It is also Vegan for those of you who are vegetarian!!  So, take that probiotic every day!  You won't regret it!!

7/20/12 UPDATE NOTE:!!  Exciting news!!  COUPON ALERT!! Anyone who orders from my site on 'Nature's Dynamic's Organic's can use an EXCLUSIVE COUPON CODE!!!  When ordering, just enter l'ecuyer exactly like that and you will receive 30% off your order (don't forget the apostrophe!!)!!!  I contacted them last night and just got the email today!!  Awesome!!

** DISCLAIMER: The statements made here have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure or prevent any disease. This notice is required by the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

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