Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Updated Tool Page!!

Looking for your next 'investment' kitchen tool?  Here's one you should have!!  A food processor!  I don't know how I have lived all these years without one!!  I just got one this past January and wow!

Food Processor - A MUST for anyone doing lots of canning or cooking.  It is so versatile it is unreal.  I have different blades and attachments for mine and I have a large cup model (11 cups).  I highly recommend Cuisinart!!  You can get all replacement parts online including extra 'cups' to have on hand so you can keep going.  You can also get blade storage compartments so they aren't 'floating around' in your drawers and someone gets cut by them!  You can chop, puree, julienne, slice, and more!!  I even do some doughs in it!  The best thing I do is my home made mayonnaise!!  I can make 3 cups of mayonnaise in it in 10 minutes!!  Awesome!!  It is very much worth the investment.

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