Monday, July 23, 2012

Vacuum Sealers!! A Must Have Tool!!

If you've never used a vacuum sealer or don't know what one is, let me first tell you about what a wonderful and invaluable tool this is to have in the kitchen!!  If you are about saving time, money, and energy, this is definitely a tool for you!!  Whether you are just freezing, dehydrating, or storing dried goods, this tool is very, very versatile.  Certain models can even seal mason jars!!  I have one that does and it certainly saves me time!!  This is not a tool to replace heated canning though.  It is more to vacuum seal items such as dry goods, dehydrated goods, etc.

What to look for: The most common brand is Food Saver.  It is by far the most readily available but not the only available.  It is available in most 'box market's' and is easy to find supplies.  Other brands include Rival, Deni, Seal-A-Meal, and Weston.  The only ones of those I have personally seen in most 'box market's' is Seal-A-Meal.  I use Food Saver myself.  Mine does have the attachment for the 'jar sealer' that allows me to seal mason jars.

Here are some examples: 

This is a vertical standing Food Saver

This is a standard Food Saver that sits flat on the counter top.

These are canisters you can get to vacuum seal with the Food Saver

Hose attachment to vacuum seal jars & canisters

Rolls to make 'bags' for food saver

Pre-made bags

Attachments to seal Jars:                       Wide Mouth                                      Regular Mouth

If you decide to get a vacuum sealer, I would highly recommend getting one that seals the mason jars/canisters as well as the bags and being able to make your own bags.  I seal mason jars of all sizes with things such as flour, clear jel, xantham gum (expensive stuff!), beans, dried peppers, herbs, bulk spices, and even lettuce!!  Yep, I vacuum seal lettuce to keep fresh in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks (that will be a different post!!)!!  I use the bags to seal vegetables and meats for the freezer as well.  We often buy in bulk packages and this saves us money.  If I can't get to canning vegetables or fruits right away, this saves them from going bad too quickly.

Jar with vacuum sealer and hose attached

You can often get them as a kit but most do not come with the jar sealer (or maybe just one of them so check the box!).  So, get your vacuum sealer today and start saving money on those bulk goods and frozen goods!!  It is very much a very valuable tool indeed!!


  1. The only ones of those I have personally seen in most 'box market's' is Seal-A-Meal. I use Food Saver canister vacuum ratings myself. Mine does have the attachment for the 'jar sealer' that allows me to seal mason jars.

    1. It really depends on where you go. I have seen both depending on what store I am in. If you really want a Food Saver, Sams and Costco definitely carry them if you don't want to order online. I ordered mine online from Amazon. I can get all the supplies i need from Walmart though.

  2. I used food saver vaccum sealer and I love it. I ordered mine online from Amazon. It's work properly. Thanks.
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  3. I'm on my 3rd FoodSaver (the succeeding one is uninjured in the cellar - bought at a low-low soprano at Weekday Start) and I've been using them since 1986. They were major when we had 2 kids (and all their friends) noneffervescent at domestic, and flatbottom fitter now that there are only 2 of us. The FoodSaver is a way of sentence in our plate.I do national nutrient store so a lot of the content I outlet is vacuum-sealed in bags as vessel as canning jars (using the FoodSaver Jar Sealer and the canning lid). Removing the gas extends the shelf-life and is the good way to keep pantry pests. If there are any larder pesterer or their foodstuff in your dry artifact, they instrument die from need of oxygen. I stock largest amounts of dry grains/seeds/beans and a macro miscellany of different dry artifact. I also use freeze-dried foods, and when I subject a 10 can I transplant the nutrient to canning jars, in user-friendly amounts, and vacuum-seal it prevent to ride where the FoodSaver is read-to-use. I score a hardware ridge close to the icebox. Before that I had a cart on wheels with the FoodSaver on the top. On one shelf I someone the FoodSaver where the bags can lay straight piece being certain. Under that shelf I feature a pair discriminating baskets with "bunk" I requisite for the FoodSaver. I make a hoop with pre-cut bags and rolls of bags, a couplet of scissors to cut the bags, and a Sharpy to gospels the bags. In the opposite containerful I fuck any impressionable containers (with lids) I use with my hand-held
    Best Vacuum Sealerand my collecting of Coupler Lids.

  4. I agree on the Hopunion 1 oz bags. I'll spend a bit more most of the time to get them in the 1 oz packages so that I'm not having to reseal a bag full of hops that I just exposed to oxygen. I have bought from Nikobrew and Farmhouse as well and while I have had good experiences with both companies I'm not big on Nikobrew's packaging. It seems to just be Best Vacuum Sealer
    sealed bags and I've had some arrive with a broken seal. I have had good results with Farmhouse's packaging

  5. I love the FoodSaver! I half wish my old one would quit working so I could buy this new model, but I guess it would be a bit silly to buy it when mine works fine.
    Sarah, I'd call Best Vacuum Sealer
    and return it if it doesn't work. I had one that quit working once (after years!) and they sent me a new one just for the cost of shipping.


  6. One of the greatest tools for preserving personal items and saving space is with a vacuum sealer. Not only can you protect precious items but they can be packaged to save storage space. Clothing, pictures and jewelry can be protected from oxygen (this tarnishes metal) and water. By removing the air from the storage bag, the clothing is compressed and takes up less space in a box or on a shelf.

    This is an efficient way to store seasonal clothing enabling you to label each bag with a name or size eliminating all that time sorting through a box with a pile of clothing of various sizes at the change of each season. You would be able to take a bag and place their sweaters, gloves and hats in their closet or dresser without the endless washing to eliminate that stale odor from sitting in a damp basement for a year.

    Fine jewelry and collectibles can be protected from moisture and tarnishing. The vacuum sealer removes the oxygen from the bag preventing tarnishing. The bags are not only air tight, but water-resistant. Protecting photographs and documents is easy. Items can be stored on shelves or in boxes without worrying about spills or weather exposure affecting them.

    Vacuum sealers can be used to sort and store things like craft items and jigsaw puzzles. Take those cute Easter window clings down and seal them in an airtight bag for next year. They will cling just like new the next year when protected from moisture and dust. Want to start a time capsule with some small mementos and photos? Seal them and don't worry about them. They will be a safe until the sealed bag is opened.

    Packing for a camping trip, place liquids like shampoos, soaps and lotions in bags and seal for the trip. No leaking on your good jeans and creating a mess that would put a damper on your vacation. Being able to compress items like sweaters and jeans would also save space in your suitcase and leave room for vacation souvenirs.

    Not just used for food storage, vacuum sealers have a multitude of household uses from saving space to protecting favorite pictures. How can you put a price on one photo of all the kids not fighting? It is priceless and needs to be protected. Look at the capabilities of the vacuum sealer and the price. There is one that fits both your needs and your budget.

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