Friday, July 6, 2012

What is a CSA?

What is a CSA?  A CSA is a Community Supported Agriculture or Community Shared Agriculture.  It is a way for local farmers to work with the community to get their crops to the community by 'sharing' their crops by having the community buy 'shares' in their crops!  Typically 'share holders' buy into the crops at the beginning of the season and each week they receive a 'share' of the crops.  Basically, it is a sort of crop sharing without the share holders doing the work.  Typically CSA share holders pay about $400 or more to 'buy in' at the beginning of each season (from what I've researched, this could vary).

At work today, we had a CSA Farmer come to the office!  However, he is doing things a little different and I am so, so glad!  He is doing more of a 'brown bagging' style!  We can pick and choose what we like!  I was able to get double green beans and some green tomatoes (I'd been looking for green tomatoes all week!).  On a plus side, I don't have to get what I don't need/can't use.  Basically I got about 10lbs of beans and 5 lbs of tomatoes for $13!!  I will be canning those this weekend along with all the other things I have planned (it won't take long!).  It's going to be a very busy weekend!!

Why participate in a CSA?  Well, you support your local farmer, they usually are organic when they do a CSA (double check to be sure! - mine is!) and you get the freshest produce!!  It's a win-win situation!!


  1. I love the concept of a Community Supported Agriculture. For the most part we have a Win Win situation for the Farmer who needs the financial support, and the people in the Community who need the health produce that the Farmers can produce.

    1. Yes, they are awesome and I am so glad to finally be a part of one!