Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dehydrated Ginger!!

Who doesn't like ginger?  I can't think of anyone!  Ginger has known medicinal properties and overall just tastes good!!  It is known to ease an upset stomach, has anti-inflammatory properties, and it aids in the treatment of cough and colds.  There are various other reported benefits that I won't get into here as there isn't really scientific evidence to support it.

Dehydrating ginger and grinding it is so, so easy!!  Buying it already made is quite expensive!!  I was at the grocery store tonight and it was selling for $3.95 a pound for fresh ginger root (myspicesage it is $12.25 a pound!).  I went to the farmer's market on Sunday and picked up a basket weighing about 25 pounds for - now get this ..... $20!!!  That is less than $1.00 a pound!!  What on earth was I going to do with 25 pounds of ginger root?  Well, we decided to dehydrate much of it but also make candied ginger (crystallized)!!  It too is quite expensive!!  On myspicesage, one cup of ground ginger is going for $9.00.  A 4oz bag is $4.50.  How much ground did I end up with?  2 1/2 cups!  We haven't even measured the crystallized yet as we haven't quite finished that yet and I still have about 25% left to go through!  Crystallized on myspicesage runs for $4.50 for 4 oz.  They don't sell it by the cup but for 16oz (1lb) it is $13.25.  I would say that all in all I got more than my money's worth!  Now mind you, about 40 percent of it is wasted from peeling!!  So, don't fret when you lose a good bit of weight when you do this!!  Here is the process for the dehydrated.

 The full basket of ginger!!

Sliced and on the tray (I used my food processor and used the slicer blade!  Quick and easy!!).

Dried ginger - done at 135 degrees for 8 hours (this was 8 trays worth!!)

2 1/2 cups of ground ginger!!  LOL!  I think I burned out my spice grinder!!  Luckily I had two and just switched to the other one.

 My house smells wonderful as we wait for the crystallized ginger!!  It is still cooking down in the 'syrup'!  We will have quite a bit of that as well!!  Can't Wait!! Enjoy the fruits of your labor at much less expense!!

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