Monday, August 13, 2012

Dehydrated Red Bell Peppers

Red Bell Peppers can be very expensive!  I use them in dip mixes, soup mixes, salads, and more.  At the grocery store they can run $3 a piece to purchase!  This past weekend I got them for a steal!  I got a bushel of 28 peppers for a mere $18!!!  That is about $0.65 each!!  I've NEVER been able to get them for that price!!  It was the end of the day and the farmers market was about to close, so I think I may have caught him off guard. LOL!!  You really have to know how to work with the farmers to get the best deal.  I often go back to the same places and buy in bulk as well (not just a small basket).  To make matters worse, to purchase them dehydrated is really, really expensive.  At MySpiceSage, red bell peppers are $10.50 for one cup!!  The amount I got from the ones that I picked up yielded me nearly six cups of dried peppers!!  AND, we didn't dry them all!!  We used about 3 cups (before dehydrating) for recipes.  Here they are!!

On the tray prior to dehydrating.

On the tray after dehydrating.  YES, they shrink that much!!  This was 12 hours at 135 degrees.

And in the jars!!  Yep, 3 pints (nearly six cups!!)

So, don't hesitate to 'shop around' the various vendors at your farmers market!!  Get the best deal, haggle, go back and promise to go back!!  It helps everyone!!  I frequent a small farmer from a nearby town at our State Farmer's Market (and I make sure he knows it!).  Have fun cooking and preserving!!


  1. I found a dehydrator hint on another blog and have done it myself so I wanted to share.

    The dehydrator trays don't hold small dried foods well when they dry up really small. Thing fall through the holes way too easily! There is an easy fix for that though.

    At Lowe's or Home Depot, simply purchase screen. Regular screen that you would use for window screen. I traced the tray and the middle circle on large paper. Then I cut out the piece of paper and used it as a pattern for cutting out the screen. Simply lay the screen on the tray and now the finer items won't fall through the holes.

    I've done herbs, corn and peas with no problems at all. Hope this makes things easier for dehydrating those small items!

  2. Thank you for sharing!! Many of the dehydrators (including mine) have special 'screens' or 'sheets' that come with the trays to do something like that. I use those when I have small items like these. Works like a charm! If yours doesn't come with those sheets, then that would be great to use!!