Friday, August 10, 2012

Dehydrating Dill!

My dill plants have not been doing well despite the rain we have been having.  Not sure why.  Usually I can't keep it cut back enough!!  I went to the farmers market and picked up two great bunches of organic dill and decided to dehydrate it for my dip mixes as it is just so expensive to buy it already dried.  Here is how it went:

Into the dehydrator:

I had SIX trays from two bunches of dill just like this.  I set the temp to 135 degrees for about 4 hours and it was done.  I did use the 'sticky' sheets as I knew it would shrink up a good bit and didn't want it to 'fall' into the cracks!

All dried!!

It was all dried and ready to get it off the stems!!  Now comes the fun! LOL!!  I placed a sheet of parchment paper on the counter and took all the bits off the sheet and put it on there.

That's a lot of dill!!  Or is it?  At this point it is still on the stems!  Time to get cracking!  Or should I say 'rubbing'!  You need to rub the stems between your palms to get the dill off the stems.  It took a bit of time but it is soooo worth it!!  It smelled so good too!!  Remove the stems as you go!

All stems and bits that you can't use are now removed!!  Time for jarring!!  Wow, that's all that's left?

All done and in the jar!!  Yep, not a lot but well worth it.  Organic, smells heavenly and oh so good!!  About 4 oz of wonderful Heaven (this is weight not volume!)!!  It only took a few hours and only cost me $6.  This is a little less than MySpiceSage price.  If you grow your own, it's free!!  My dill is finally starting to grow (and it's organic too!) but it will be a bit before it is ready.  There you have it!!  So, dry your own and save money!!

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