Monday, August 27, 2012

Is it really 'Natural Flavoring'?

Natural Flavoring - is it really natural in the product you're eating/drinking?  I belong to a page on Facebook called 'Allium Allergy: Garlic, Onion, and More' for obvious reasons.  A woman named Di just posted a fantastic link to a page about this very subject!!  It is fascinating and I am blown away!!  And our government is suppose to protect us?  I think NOT!  What you don't know CAN hurt you!!  And it is!!  That's the really, really bad part!!  Get rid of that JUNK many people call food!!  It could very well just be CHEMICALS!!  There is a term that the FDA uses that is known as "GRAS" and this stands for "Generally Recognized as Safe".  Do you really want to put something in your body that is considered that?  Not anymore for me!!

Additionally, I had written a few days ago to Tom's of Maine products.  I received back an email with basically the same response regarding their use of sulfites in their products.  This is a quote from their email!!  "We've been using sodium laurel sulfate (SLS) in our toothpastes since the mid-70s. Our SLS is naturally sourced from coconut oil or palm kernel oil, and meets our standards of safe, effective and sustainable ingredients."  Basically they are saying it is a 40 year old standard that is GRAS and they aren't changing it!!  They said also " That said, we do have a few SLS-free toothpastes, which you can likely find at your local health food store or directly through us at"  Though I have NEVER been able to find the ingredients free of this in any store or online!!  If anyone can identify it for me, I would appreciate it.  Anyone allergic to a substance over time can potentially have a life-threatening reaction that could kill them if exposed to the ingredient!  I for one am not taking the chance.  Would you?

       UPDATE!!  Toms Of Maine wrote back again today (August 28, 2012) and here is there reply to what I said to them:  I replied to them:

"Well that is a really generic answer and doesn't really tell me WHICH ones are free of it. I have yet to figure it out or find one that is free of it. Additionally, times have DRASTICALLY changed in 40 years!! While it  'may' be considered 'relatively safe', for those allergic - it can be deadly! You all really need to consider removing it from your products."

Their response:  "The two SLS-free toothpastes we have are the Clean & Gentle Spearmint, which has fluoride. The other is our brand-new fluoride-free Botanically Bright, which comes in both Peppermint and Spearmint flavors. Like I said, since these are considered specialty products, you are most likely not going to be able to find them in your local drugstore or supermarket and I recommend checking in at your local health or natural food store.

We know of two concerns regarding SLS. The first is its potential to have an adverse effect on a condition known as recurrent aphthous ulcers (canker sores).

The second is that sodium lauryl sulfate can contribute to the formation of a carcinogen. But only if specific criteria is present. This is how that would have to happen:

First it would need to have nitrates present, which it does. It is a botanical ingredient and as such it draws nitrogen from the soil and nitrates are present.

Secondly, the nitrates would have to undergo some sort of manufacturing process that changes them to nitrites (with an “i” instead of an “a”). We do not use this manufacturing process.

Thirdly, the nitrites (again with an i) would have to combine with an amine to form a nitrosamine. Amines are not present in our toothpaste.

Therefore, it is impossible for this ingredient to become a part of anything harmful in our products, and it is not a toxin or a carcinogen. We do not use any ingredients that may be potentially unsafe and will continue to offer both toothpastes that have SLS and are SLS-free

 So, they acknowledge that it isn't safe, yet still use it?  At least they have 2 products now without it and finally told me which ones!!  I haven't had time to see if I can find them.  I will see if I can find it on Thursday when I go to my local health food store.  Be forewarned and avoid products with it in it!!

To read the entire article that Di found, read here:

Products must be unadulterated and clean of chemicals, sulfites, and clearly LABELED with what is in them for people to make informed choices about what they are putting in their bodies!!  Know the facts, make informed decisions, and get the junk out of your bodies!!  Beware of what you are doing to yourselves and how it is is HIDDEN in other things!!

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  1. I's going to become harder and harder to separate 100% natural from that which has been tampered with. Even now, if you grow your own foods at home and use those for colors, you still have to ensure the seeds are natural.