Sunday, August 12, 2012

PC Failure!! Oh no!

I had planned on doing a different post today, but this is important.  While finishing up my sweet potatoes, I had the last batch in the PC, had it all heated, vented for 10 minutes and waited for the locking mechanism to 'pop up'.  When it didn't I used some tongs to see if it would raise and to my surprise it didn't!!  It came OUT!!  Oh no!!  Here is a pic of what I am talking about as for the locking mechanism, this is a drawing of a PC and refer to number 5.

I had to turn the heat down (didn't want to lose all that hot water!!) and took the top off.  What on earth happened?  I peered into the water (avoiding the steam!) and lo and behold the screw that held the locking mechanism on was in the bottom of the PC!!  NO!!  I used some tongs and reached in and grabbed it.  Using oven mitts I screwed it back on.  Then had to restart the PC.  All that time lost!!

Here's what it looks like apart.

So, I finally got the rest of the sweet potatoes done.  Learning point in this?  Though I always check my seal and gauge I had not been checking this piece!!  I will now!!  Be sure and check all connections, screws, etc. prior to using your PC every time!!  Lesson learned!!  Have a great day everyone!!

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