Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Spice Blend and New Dip Mix Now Available!!

Finally Available!!  Cinna-Sub and Ranch Dip Mix!!  Yep!!  They're ready!!  Boy do they smell and taste fantastic!!  Now some may balk at the price of the Cinna-Sub, BUT Cardamom is the third priciest spice in the world!!  Cardamom is one of the spices in this blend.  This blend can be used as a substitute measurement to measurement for cinnamon!!  So, if you need 1 teaspoon, just use 1 teaspoon!!  No guess work!  I use this blend all the time but have to mix it up as I go.  Now, no more!!  Cardamom in the store is $8.00 (give or take) for just a 2 oz jar!!  This mix is in a fantastic 4 oz jar!!

The Ranch Dip Mix is a little mix I came up with for those allergic to garlic and onions.  It is really good!  It comes with directions on how to mix it up to get that 'pickley' flavor to it.  Simply pick up some capers, chop up a teaspoon, add the mayonnaise and sour cream and 'voila'!  If you are going without Ranch Dip Mix because of a sulfite allergy (garlic and onions), you can try this!!  Love it!!  It is not for everyone though.  If you are not allergic to garlic and onions and like your traditional Ranch Dip you may not like this but you could try it and see!!  Price for one pack is only $3.00!!

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