Tuesday, October 23, 2012

2 new Blends coming soon!!

This weekend we will have 2 brand new blends debuting!!  I can't wait!!  Love Herbes de Provence?  We are going to have our own version!!  I LOVE cooking with Lavender and it has arrived!!  Yep!  Additionally, I will FINALLY have our Chipotle Spice Blend all ready!!  Our Chipotle Powder is finally here to get that mix together!!  We will be getting these ready on Thursday!!

As soon as we have enough 'orders' together to reach a certain 'level' we will be able to 'purchase' our UPC Codes (takes at least $800)!!  Once we are able to do that, we can get on Amazon Marketplace!!  I have a store front all ready! But, it will take time.  As such, I am setting up a donation button.  Please do NOT feel you have to do this, but we are a very small start up company.  I do not want to go into debt to get this going.  I have absolutely taken NO loans out at all to get this business going!  It is all my own money, my own earnings, and money from anything we have sold products from.  It isn't easy trying to maneuver the bureaucracy of governmental regulations such as the Dept of Agriculture.  Every tiny bit helps.  Thank you to anyone that can help.  Watch for our new blends this weekend!!

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