Thursday, November 8, 2012

New Spice Blends and Holiday Specials!!


Chipotle Spice Blend


Herbs' de L'Ecuyer!

They're here!!  Yep!  Two new spice blends!!  Just in time for the holidays!!  Love chipotle?  We now have our own Chipotle Spice Blend!  This fantastic blend is sulfite free (allium free) and has just the right 'kick' for those that love a little spice!  Secondly, we have a fantastic new Herbs' de L'Ecuyer!!  Love Herbs' de Provence?  It's like that but with our own twist and sulfite (allium) free!!  I use to LOVE Herbs' de Provence but can't have it anymore so we came up with our own!!  We also have fantastic new labels!!  What do you think?

Now, for a fantastic couple of specials for the holidays!!  A few holiday baskets!!

Spice Basket without 'wrapping'

1. Spice Blend & Dip Mix Basket - Your choice of 2 spice blends (Cinna-Sub includes an extra $5.00 charge) and 1 dip mix!  All for only $12!!  Includes a cute tin and all wrapped up!  This is a value of almost $17 (including wrapping).

2. Body Care Basket - Your choice of soap scent, foot cream scent, a cuticle cream and your choice of body scrub!!  All wrapped up for only $20!!!  This is a value of almost $26 (including wrapping).

3. Mixed Spice Basket and Body Care Basket - Your choice of a spice blend (except Cinna-Sub), 1 dip mix, your scent of foot cream, a cuticle cream, and a smaller version of our hand cream!  All wrapped up for only $20!!  This also is a value of almost $26 (including wrapping).

4. Five different spice blends all in one!!  All for only $20!!  Yep!  Save $5 and get it wrapped up for the holiday!!  Your choice of which blends (Cinna-Sub includes an extra $5.00 charge)!  Don't wait!!

So, start that holiday shopping!!  Shipping for Christmas guaranteed if ordered before December 18th!!

I have put in 'text' boxes and am trying that.  If that doesn't work, just list in the 'comments' what spices, dip mix choice or body care products you choose!  There will be an extra 'button' to click if Cinna-Sub is chosen, otherwise you will receive an email that it is not included in these specials unless you agree to the additional $5.00 charge.  Thanks for understanding!!  Happy Holidays!!

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