Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dr. Oz's Mis-comments on Food Justice for the 99%

I use to really look up to Dr. Oz.  Now, not so much after what he reported this week.  He use to be all about being organic, eating healthy and staying away from hormones, additives, etc.  Now, not so much.  I saw this article posted today on Facebook and was appalled!  He's now 'favoring' eating the 'mainstream' foods?  Seriously?  How can someone of his stature support using additives, chemicals, hormones, etc. in our foods?  I know exactly how!  They advertise on his show!  He's been bought out!  Yep, he's gone mainstream for sure!  I guess even Dr. Oz has his price, but I know all too well that I will never have that 'price'!  My health has suffered way too much because of these items being in our food and cosmetics and will NEVER go back to eating that junk!   He basically says that 'regular' food is fine and that those of us who 'choose' to eat organic and 'natural' foods are 'elitist'.  Really?  So, because I choose not to have chemicals in my body that I am actually allergic to, I'm an 'elitist'?  I don't think so!  I refuse to contaminate my body with petrol chemicals, hormones, and agricultural pesticides that I know are doing damage to my body.  Not only that, those foods have far less nutrients than organic foods.  Yes, he's been bought out by advertising for sure!

Organic Food: Food Justice for the 99% - Dr. Oz's Comments

I recently even found out that McDonald's uses Soybean Oil in ALL their cooking!  One of the top 8 allergens and they use it in EVERYTHING!!  While I do NOT eat there hardly ever (and it was rarely ever just some fries and now I NEVER will!), I was parousing their website looking at their ingredients for their coffee's (mocha's and latte's) and you get their entire ingredient list (latte's are my one weakness!).  Overall, the ingredients of their coffee's weren't 'bad' per se, what I was stunned by to say the least was to find that in all their oils, their frying is done in soybean oil.  This I do NOT understand at all!  They are risking harm to every person that walks in the store that is allergic to soy as they do NOT warn people of this at all!!  This is NOT legal!!  It is suppose to be labeled on their food!  I wrote to the FDA regarding some of this (lack of labeling) and all I got back was a 'canned response' that I should contact my local congressman to see about having the 'law changed'.  Yes, our government is not really out to protect our health anymore.  But, that is my opinion.  I'm sharing the information.  What you do with it is up to you.

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