Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics & their 'Sponsors'?

A page that I follow on Facebook 'Just Eat Real Food' posted a piece tonight about an article that was shown tonight on 'The Huffington Post' regarding 'The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics'.  Public Health Attorney Michelle Simon did a piece outlining just what is going on.  This organization is the organization that determines the guidelines in what is proper nutrition and eating for all Americans.  It has conferences, workshops, and more across the country ever year.  Dietary professionals earn CEU's (Continuing Educational Credits) at these conferences.  Many of these 'events' are often 'Sponsored' by these various companies.  The interesting thing is 'Who' these companies are!!  I was shocked and appalled in reading this article tonight as you likely will be.  Let me explain why.

I am first and foremost a healthcare provider.  Over the years I have seen my profession change - and change drastically due to sweeping legislation in how our business is governed.  Some of this plays right into how we conduct business with pharmaceutical companies that provide us with 'samples' for our office.  (please bear with me, it does tie into this - I promise!).  These companies use to be able to bring us post it note pads, pens, various sundry items, etc.  They use to be able to provide all sorts of 'goodies' to the office to 'advertise' their products.  Well, too many legislatures felt that providers were being adversely swayed by this type of advertising to 'use' those products based on the 'influencing' of those items provided or the 'lunches' or 'trips' that might have been provided.  I know for myself, that wasn't the case - ever.  If I didn't like a product (drug), or wasn't happy with something, I didn't use it (and still don't).  Period.

Now, we can't even get a simple pen!  If a company provides a 'lunch' we have to 'sign' that they provided 'education' for us and it is a long, drawn out process.  It is very, very rare to even see a company at any event anymore for a conference because of these new rules.  Okay, so what does this have to do with the above?  Well, apparently the 'Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is being 'sponsored' quite heavily by multiple, multiple companies!!  FOOD COMPANIES to the tune of BILLIONS of dollars a year!!  They are conducting 'educational' events at their conferences which are DIRECTLY AFFECTING the outcomes of how our children and YOU eat/drink!!  Read the report here!!  'And Now a Word From Our Sponsors'.  They ask the question themselves!  Are America's Nutrition Professionals in the Pockets of Big Food?  I would have to say resoundingly YES!  Yet, healthcare providers get slapped with fines if we accept a simple pen?  This must stop!  The obesity epidemic is only getting worse because of the lies and falsehoods that these companies purport in what they are selling Americans.  What do you think?  Read the article and voice your own opinion.....

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Canola Oil? Good or Bad?

Just what is Canola Oil?  Is it really such a great oil to cook with as the media touts it to be or is it bad?  I have been doing a lot of research on it lately as I've been having a lot of trouble with my cholesterol and was using Canola oil - until about six months ago that is.  My doctor and I just felt it was genetics until last week that is.  Then when I went to the doctors last week I had my theory proven.  It is indeed a very bad oil to use!

Canola Oil is a completely man made oil.  Even the name is made up!  It's name is Can(adian) Oil Low Acid.  It is derived from the plant Brassica napus, a plant in the mustard family.  This plant is also known as the "Rapeseed" plant.  Just the name of that sends chills up my spine!  The 'original' plant is toxic to all animals and it had to have the 'toxicity' 'bred out' of it.  Huh?  So, if it had to have the toxicity bred out of it, how on earth can it possibly be good for us?  Most other animals won't even go near it, even the 'man-made' version.  Most 'seed plants' have an inborn method of 'protecting' itself by making itself rancid by protecting it's seeds when you try to utilize it somehow.

So, just what does Canola Oil do to us?  For one it is a GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) and there are no long-term studies on what these can do to us.  Secondly, it is high in erucic acid.  This is the 'bad part' of what makes it 'toxic' to humans and other animals.  While most of it has been 'bred out', there is still some in it.  Additionally, the ratio of polyunsaturated fats with monounsaturated fats and the overall processing of it leads to numerous oxidations that cause problems with free radicals (bad, bad, bad!) as it causes rancidity of the oil.  This leads to inflammation in the body and blood vessels.  This is what causes the problem!  See the article on The Truth About Abs which will explain in further detail.  There are numerous, numerous articles that explain this phenomena.  This in turn leads to abdominal weight gain, bloating, upset stomach, and more.

And now they're going to be putting it in our baby formula?  This terrifies me!  Please stop using Canola oil!  It just isn't good for any living human or any animal around.

So, what happened when I was at the doctor last week?  My weight was down 6 pounds, my cholesterol was down, and the only major change I had made was in stopping Canola Oil!!  I have been eating the same way!!  Also my abdomen has been going down!!  It's more defined and not as 'bloated' as it use to be.  I've ALWAYS had problems with my weight.  I'm allergic to so many things and can't use olive oil, avocado oil and won't use vegetable oils.  So, now I'm using coconut oil, flax seed oil, hemp oil, ghee, and butter.  A cholesterol that's gone DOWN 16 points!!  I'm happy with that!!  We will see what happens in the next six months as I continue with a Paleo diet.  I definitely feel better!!  Oh, and my pants falling down definitely is a plus! LOL!  I see new clothes on the horizon!!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

We have our LLC!!

It has officially come.  Our certificate arrived today!  We are now an LLC (Limited Licensed Corporation).  This is great news for us indeed!

What does being an LLC mean?  As a Limited Licensed Corporation, it provides protection to my husband and I as a company should anything happen (God willing it doesn't!).  Simply put, it keeps us protected as a business and personally.  Anyone in business these days should have some form of protection beyond your insurance and this is a great way to do it.

Friday, January 25, 2013


A friend of mine suggested this.  FundRazr for Business!  Still trying to get funds for UPC Codes and computers (mine is really giving me fits!) for inventory control, back-up, etc.  Found this site to assist.  Please share if you can!!  FundRazr  Thank you for your support!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

I Keep Telling People.....

Yep, it's your government approving it, the food companies doing it, and we're dying because of it!  Read this article from Sun Sentinel about how the US FDA allows chemicals in foods that are BANNED in other countries!!

U.S. allows chemicals in food that are illegal elsewhere

Thank you to Fooducate on FB for sharing this.  Why do they do this?  As I have posted before, they use a term known as GRAS - 'Generally Recognized As Safe'.  By who's standards?  Many of the chemicals they 'allow' are NOT safe for most people if any!  Would you knowingly drink bleach?  You do if you drink Splenda!  Would you eat or drink petroleum?  You do if you ingest food coloring!  Why do they do this?  It's all for money!  It shows that these companies care more about their pocketbook than they do about human safety and life in general.

Go to the FDA's Facebook Page and start blasting them for these practices!!  It MUST stop now!  They are promoting that they are starting a new 'Food Safety Act'.  Well how about start by removing chemicals, additives, and GMO's from our foods and using proper labeling?  Okay, off my soap box!  It just infuriates me that I see people at work every day suffering from long term effects of autoimmune disorders, allergies, and more that could have been prevented had none of this been 'approved' by our wonderful government.  Be heard and show it by not buying these products!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pectin - is it GMO?

In a discussion on Facebook tonight, I came to realize that in trying to follow a Paleo diet and be as chemical free what is one to do when trying to can a Paleo jam or jelly?  They require sugar typically and a pectin!  But, what pectin to use and is it a GMO product?  I have been looking seriously hard at what our foods are made of of late and this is becoming more and more important to me.

I was at Whole Foods last night who ensure they will not utilize anything that is GMO.  They only had a couple of 'pectin's' in their store.  One that is a 'true' pectin is Pomona's.  It is a low-sugar pectin that could easily be used in canning for Paleo.  Unfortunately I have never used it myself as it is made from 'citrus' and likely has lemon citrus in it.  They were not able to confirm to me what citrus is used.  I can use lime but not lemon (yes, I know this is weird, but I never said I wasn't! LOL).  I know many canners that have used this quite successfully and it uses very low sugar.  But, what sugar can you use?  Honey is often used in canning and is very Paleo!  How about maple syrup?  That is also very Paleo!  These are all natural sugars and are acceptable in canning.  I will have to do some experiments with canning to find what works as I'm allergic to honey and can't use the Pomona's myself but I could do it and give it to friends.  I just would have to have family taste it!

The other 'pectin' they had in Whole Foods was actually a form of gelatin.  Gelatin isn't an approved pectin in canning so I wouldn't advise using that.  Lastly, the only pectin that I can use is Sure-Jell.  I will check with them if it is GMO.  I just can't verify it.  It is made in Mexico and uses limes only.  I have confirmed that much.  Otherwise I will have to start making my own which is quite time consuming.  I can't use apples so this will prove to be a problem for me.

If you want to be Paleo and GMO free, don't use Ball FlexBatch as it is very much chemically made.  The one time I had a friend give me something she made that she had used it, I blew up like a puffer fish!  Definitely a no go for me!

As always, add an 'acid' such as lemon or lime juice (free of sulfites of course!) to can your jam or jelly!  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.  I can look at a recipe and help you convert it if need be!  Have a great evening!

Edit: 1/20/13

Thank you to Just Eat Real Food for finding this page!  Want to make your own apple pectin?  Go to this site and read all about it!!  Mother Earth News

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Local Happiness, Blue Marlin & L'Ecuyer's Gourmet Fight Diabetes!

SC Tour De Cure Kick-off!!

This Thursday, January 17th, L'Ecuyer's Gourmet will be partnering with Local Happiness, Blue Marlin and the American Diabetes Association to open the 'SC Tour De Cure Kick-Off' to fight Diabetes and help find a cure for diabetes!  Here is the press release!


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  CONTACT: Christina Bickley/803.799.4246 



(Columbia, SC) ‑ The American Diabetes Association is inviting cyclists of all levels of fitness to a Free Tour de Cure® Kick-Off event at Blue Marlin Vista Room in the Vista.  Join us for complimentary hors d’oeuvres provided by Blue Marlin, wonderful door prizes including gift certificates from local businesses, amazing items from and much more.  Chat with local bike shops and event sponsors, register for the event for Free as an individual rider, join a team or learn how to form a team.  
When: Thursday, January 17th from 5:30 pm -8 pm.  Where:  Blue Marlin Vista Room in the Vista Who: Free to all!

All are welcome to attend and learn how to join the fight to stop Stop Diabetes® as we challenge riders to take part in the annual Tour de Cure®, a cycling event happening on May 4th in Little Mountain, SC to help raise funds to change the future of diabetes and help stop this devastating disease. The Tour de Cure® features a variety of routes including a 5 mile family fun ride, 15 mile, 30 mile, 65 mile and 100 mile options. We are also excited to offer a stationary bike option provide by C Cycle Studio of Lexington, SC. This option will allow teams and individuals to participate in the event during one of three sessions throughout the day.

Many of the door prizes are provided by Local Happiness, South Carolina’s Fundraiser.   “We’re partnering with Local Happiness because they offer healthy local choices at close to grocery store prices.  In addition to our traditional fundraising methods our partnership with Local Happiness allows us to sell people groceries like Carolina Creole Simmer Sauce & Grits, Bell Honey and Iron Brew Coffee to name a few, while raising funds towards their fundraising efforts for the American Diabetes Association, said Christina Bickley.”  For information or to register visit and/or 

Sponsored nationally by Gold’s Gym, Lilly Diabetes, Primal, Bumble Bee and locally by Doctors Care, Pitt Stop Convenience Stores, Pepsi and BI-LO.

American Diabetes Association          Diabetes Information
7021 St. Andrews Rd, Ste 100A                call 1-800-DIABETES (1-800-342-2383)
Columbia, SC 29212                                 online:
Federal Tax ID -   13-1623888

The Association gratefully accepts gifts through your will.The Mission of the American
Diabetes Association is to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives
of all people affected by diabetes.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

What is HAE and what it's like to live with it?

HAE - Many Faces, One Family

I often talk about having an 'immune disorder'.  Well I have HAE along with significant food and environmental allergies.  Just what is HAE and why is it so difficult to live with and what does it have to do with allergies?  HAE stands for Hereditary Angioedema.  It affects about 1 in 50,000 people and in the US it is estimated to affect about 6,000 individuals.  It is as it states, hereditary and it causes swelling of various parts of the body often for no apparent reason at all (though some have a 'mutation' form in about 10% of cases).  While many individuals with HAE might have 'triggers', many have no reason what-so-ever to cause their 'swells' to occur.  We often refer to ourselves as 'puffer fish'! LOL!  (yes, we can 'joke' about ourselves!) The most common places for these swellings to occur are the face, throat, arms, legs, or abdomen.  I tend to get them in my face, legs, and abdomen but mostly the abdomen (which you often can't see, but then again I can look 9 months pregnant when I'm not). (see photo before and after!)  This can become life threatening if it attacks the throat.

One of the biggest triggers for most with HAE is hormones.  Women are most affected by HAE because of  estrogen (the female hormone).  In fact it use be known as 'Hysterical Angioedema'.  Conversely, the male hormone testosterone is often a treatment for it but can cause huge side effects in women as well as men.  I was treated with the androgen's when I was first diagnosed and had horrible side effects.  I was only on it for about a month and was moody, emotional and had significant effects on my liver.  My entire life while I was on every type of hormone I had complications taking everything I took.  Additionally, every time I was pregnant I was sick, very, very sick.  There is a reason my girls are nearly four years apart! I was advised with my youngest to never get pregnant again.  At that time we never knew what the problem was but it all makes sense now.  Another trigger is soy.  Soy has estrogenic properties to it and can really make things difficult for those with HAE.  It is also one of the top 8 allergens.  Yet, many, many foods contain soy!  Talk about making it difficult to find food to eat!  I can't eat at certain places - ever, because they use soybean oil just to cook with!  Soy Lecithin also is used as a 'buffer' or 'binder' in many, many foods and while the FDA states that 'most with soy allergy should not be bothered by this substance' many of us with a true allergy are most definitely 'bothered' with it.

HAE is NOT an allergic reaction.  It does NOT respond to allergic reaction medications like antihistamines, epi-pens, or steroids (though many physicians try to treat us with those!).  It just doesn't work.  Many HAE patients have died waiting for proper treatment trying to TELL the physician this and they refused to listen to them.  I had one occurrence in an Emergency Room telling the physician what I had and was told "I'm not treating you for something you don't have."  I was already diagnosed, I just didn't have the proper medication prescription yet and had been taken off the androgen's due to the side effects.  This just isn't acceptable.  Education of this disease is imperative to save lives!

Additionally, many of us with this also have significant food and environmental allergies (which is why they often can 'confuse' us as having an allergic reaction.  I have some of the worst there is.  One immunologist I visited asked me 'What aren't you allergic to?'  He was actually being quite serious.  My list of what foods I CAN eat is far shorter than what I can't eat.  Eating out became a nightmare let alone shopping for food (I now pack my lunch almost every day).  Our families entire way of living had to change.  This was nearly five years ago but became more intense when we found out about the HAE last year.  I will never forgot going to the grocery store that first day just trying to find a spaghetti sauce that I 'could' eat (from a jar) and there wasn't a single one!  Not to mention the pasta!  I couldn't find anything that I could buy!!  I came home and just cried and cried.  I became seriously depressed that year.  If it wasn't for my girls getting me involved in learning to cook all over again by watching 'The Food Network' and 'The Cooking Channel' I don't know what I would have done!  There are many, many things that I simply can't avoid (environmental allergies like grasses, weeds, molds, etc.) and I still have to take antihistamines every day.  But, it is far better than it ever was.  But why is HAE and allergies so closely together?  Well, they are both on the same 'cascade' in the body!!  There is a part of the immune system known as the 'Complement Cascade' and HAE is the first complement (it affects C1 Esterase Inhibitor)!  Allergies come into play a little bit down the line and if the complement system is 'broken' the rest can be affected.

HAE has three 'types' as well.  The types really don't matter except when it comes to treatment and how 'insurances' treat you as well as how you are diagnosed.  It is quite complicated and far too long to go into this short post.  The best place to get information from is the Hereditary Angioedema Association.  They are fabulous at helping people with diagnosis and treatment options!  I don't know what I would do without them!!

I now 'can' (yes, that's right, old fashioned canning!) all my own foods including condiments, fruits, vegetables, meats, sauces, soups, stews, you name it!  I make my own spices (obviously as I sell them!), make my own soaps, lotions, creams, and eat the healthiest life I have ever lived!  Even sulfites in shampoos, soaps, toothpaste, etc, I have had to get away from.  If I get something in my diet that is a 'no-no' I pay for it dearly!  Sometimes it can be immediate but other times it can be 2-3 days later.  I just can't risk something being in food that I can't have.  Food manufacturers do not have to completely 'list' all their ingredients.  Spices often only have to list 'spice' and when you're allergic to many spices, this poses a problem.

One of the worst parts about living with this?  Many people often don't 'believe you', they think you're 'making it up' to get out of things (like going to work) or from what I've heard from other patients, that they're 'drug seeking' for pain medications.  Thankfully, I have a fairly high pain tolerance and only when I'm having severe bladder spasms have I had to take anything for severe pain as it will keep me up all night and I don't get any sleep. Could you drive to work looking like the lady in this photo?  I've often woken up like this!  I actually drove to work yesterday like this!!  It took nearly six hours for my medication to bring it down due to my stress level.   I now take a medication known as 'Firazyr' that helps relieve these 'swells' (invisible or outward) and it will go away in hours, not days (this medication can run from $7,000 to $8,500 per shot!).  Most times it will take just a few hours, but other times it can take two doses and up to 8 hours or more to subside depending on the severity.  Stress is another major factor that makes me worse and when it's stress is when it usually takes longer to subside.  Unfortunately, I've been quite stressed lately.  It took 38 years to get a diagnosis.  At least I now know and have a treatment.  That treatment is only FOUR YEARS OLD!  We need awareness of this potentially deadly disease.  I will post again when HAE Day approaches!  It is May 16th and the first day for this was just last year.  So, don't judge someone because they have an 'invisible illness' that you may not understand.  It's hard enough in this life and none of us get out of it alive.  Let's all be kind and supportive of each other!  God bless to everyone!  Support HAEA!  Help us find a cure!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Goats Milk Chocolate Mint Soap!

Now available!!  The same Chocolate Mint Soap is now available in Goat's Milk formula!!  It looks exactly like the 3-butter but just in Goat's Milk formula!!  So silky and smooth and enriched with glycerin and Vitamin E.  See our Body Care Products Page to order these wonderful products!!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Valentine Lovers Gift Basket!!

Valentine Lovers Gift Basket!   A gift basket of 2 Chocolate Lovers Lip Balm (his & hers!), Chocolate Covered Strawberry Body Spray, Cuticle Cream, Peppermint Foot Cream and Chocolate Mint 3 butter Soap (that looks good enough to eat but please don't!) with a loufa!!  Spend an incredible evening together!! (gift basket may vary). (Total value is $30.00 - save $6.00 buying as a set!)  Order by February 8th to ensure delivery!!

Chocolate Mint 3 Butter Sulfite Free Soap!!

Oh so chocolatey and oh so yummy it doesn't look like soap but it is!!  Shea butter, cocoa butter and mango butters enriched with glycerin and vitamin E oil as well as real cocoa make this just luxurious!!  Real botanicals and essential oils make you think of a peppermint patty!  Yum!  These will be part of the Valentines baskets!!  See our Body Care Products page to order!!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

They're Ready! Vegan Chocolate Lovers Lip Balm!!

Vegan Chocolate Lovers Lip Balm!!
A true gift for Valentines Day!!

Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Candelilla Wax, Organic Chocolate, Vegetable Glycerin, powdered sugar, Vitamin E oil, and vanilla oil.  This is soy free, gluten free and oh so rich!!  Each tube is $3.00 due to the organic items and it's VEGAN but oh so worth it!!  Get them while they last!!

New Soaps & Valentines Items Soon!!

New scent for our sulfite free soap now available!!  Eucalyptus Spearmint!!  Oh so heavenly!!  My, oh my does it smell wonderful!  Such a stress reliever at that!  These two scents are so often combined to relieve stress and just soothes the senses!  Free samples were sent out to several people already and I hope they are enjoying them!  Try them out!  They are already on the buying tab!!  At $3 a bar, they are a steal!

You can also get the Vanilla Lavender ones again as well!  This weekend I will have UNSCENTED too!!    I have a wonderful triple butter variety I am developing as well.  Shea butter, cocoa butter, and mango butter!!  Oh so luxurious and moisturizing with Vitamin E oil as well!!

Lastly, I have some AMAZING treats coming soon for Valentines day!!  Chocolate anyone?  How about Chocolate Lovers Lip Balm?  I will be doing a gift basket of 2 Chocolate Lovers Lip Balm (him & hers!), Chocolate Covered Strawberry Body Spray, Peppermint Foot Cream and Eucalyptus Spearmint Soap with a loufa!!  All for $20 in a nice gift tin/box!!  As soon as I have one ready, I will post it!!