Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Canola Oil? Good or Bad?

Just what is Canola Oil?  Is it really such a great oil to cook with as the media touts it to be or is it bad?  I have been doing a lot of research on it lately as I've been having a lot of trouble with my cholesterol and was using Canola oil - until about six months ago that is.  My doctor and I just felt it was genetics until last week that is.  Then when I went to the doctors last week I had my theory proven.  It is indeed a very bad oil to use!

Canola Oil is a completely man made oil.  Even the name is made up!  It's name is Can(adian) Oil Low Acid.  It is derived from the plant Brassica napus, a plant in the mustard family.  This plant is also known as the "Rapeseed" plant.  Just the name of that sends chills up my spine!  The 'original' plant is toxic to all animals and it had to have the 'toxicity' 'bred out' of it.  Huh?  So, if it had to have the toxicity bred out of it, how on earth can it possibly be good for us?  Most other animals won't even go near it, even the 'man-made' version.  Most 'seed plants' have an inborn method of 'protecting' itself by making itself rancid by protecting it's seeds when you try to utilize it somehow.

So, just what does Canola Oil do to us?  For one it is a GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) and there are no long-term studies on what these can do to us.  Secondly, it is high in erucic acid.  This is the 'bad part' of what makes it 'toxic' to humans and other animals.  While most of it has been 'bred out', there is still some in it.  Additionally, the ratio of polyunsaturated fats with monounsaturated fats and the overall processing of it leads to numerous oxidations that cause problems with free radicals (bad, bad, bad!) as it causes rancidity of the oil.  This leads to inflammation in the body and blood vessels.  This is what causes the problem!  See the article on The Truth About Abs which will explain in further detail.  There are numerous, numerous articles that explain this phenomena.  This in turn leads to abdominal weight gain, bloating, upset stomach, and more.

And now they're going to be putting it in our baby formula?  This terrifies me!  Please stop using Canola oil!  It just isn't good for any living human or any animal around.

So, what happened when I was at the doctor last week?  My weight was down 6 pounds, my cholesterol was down, and the only major change I had made was in stopping Canola Oil!!  I have been eating the same way!!  Also my abdomen has been going down!!  It's more defined and not as 'bloated' as it use to be.  I've ALWAYS had problems with my weight.  I'm allergic to so many things and can't use olive oil, avocado oil and won't use vegetable oils.  So, now I'm using coconut oil, flax seed oil, hemp oil, ghee, and butter.  A cholesterol that's gone DOWN 16 points!!  I'm happy with that!!  We will see what happens in the next six months as I continue with a Paleo diet.  I definitely feel better!!  Oh, and my pants falling down definitely is a plus! LOL!  I see new clothes on the horizon!!


  1. goodness so anymore what is safe? My son throws up if I use any other oil...oh goodness

    1. Can he use Olive oil? EVOO is truly one of the best oils to use. Try hemp seed, avocado, coconut, or flax seed. I wouldn't use flax seed for frying though (only sauteeing).