Thursday, January 24, 2013

I Keep Telling People.....

Yep, it's your government approving it, the food companies doing it, and we're dying because of it!  Read this article from Sun Sentinel about how the US FDA allows chemicals in foods that are BANNED in other countries!!

U.S. allows chemicals in food that are illegal elsewhere

Thank you to Fooducate on FB for sharing this.  Why do they do this?  As I have posted before, they use a term known as GRAS - 'Generally Recognized As Safe'.  By who's standards?  Many of the chemicals they 'allow' are NOT safe for most people if any!  Would you knowingly drink bleach?  You do if you drink Splenda!  Would you eat or drink petroleum?  You do if you ingest food coloring!  Why do they do this?  It's all for money!  It shows that these companies care more about their pocketbook than they do about human safety and life in general.

Go to the FDA's Facebook Page and start blasting them for these practices!!  It MUST stop now!  They are promoting that they are starting a new 'Food Safety Act'.  Well how about start by removing chemicals, additives, and GMO's from our foods and using proper labeling?  Okay, off my soap box!  It just infuriates me that I see people at work every day suffering from long term effects of autoimmune disorders, allergies, and more that could have been prevented had none of this been 'approved' by our wonderful government.  Be heard and show it by not buying these products!

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