Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics & their 'Sponsors'?

A page that I follow on Facebook 'Just Eat Real Food' posted a piece tonight about an article that was shown tonight on 'The Huffington Post' regarding 'The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics'.  Public Health Attorney Michelle Simon did a piece outlining just what is going on.  This organization is the organization that determines the guidelines in what is proper nutrition and eating for all Americans.  It has conferences, workshops, and more across the country ever year.  Dietary professionals earn CEU's (Continuing Educational Credits) at these conferences.  Many of these 'events' are often 'Sponsored' by these various companies.  The interesting thing is 'Who' these companies are!!  I was shocked and appalled in reading this article tonight as you likely will be.  Let me explain why.

I am first and foremost a healthcare provider.  Over the years I have seen my profession change - and change drastically due to sweeping legislation in how our business is governed.  Some of this plays right into how we conduct business with pharmaceutical companies that provide us with 'samples' for our office.  (please bear with me, it does tie into this - I promise!).  These companies use to be able to bring us post it note pads, pens, various sundry items, etc.  They use to be able to provide all sorts of 'goodies' to the office to 'advertise' their products.  Well, too many legislatures felt that providers were being adversely swayed by this type of advertising to 'use' those products based on the 'influencing' of those items provided or the 'lunches' or 'trips' that might have been provided.  I know for myself, that wasn't the case - ever.  If I didn't like a product (drug), or wasn't happy with something, I didn't use it (and still don't).  Period.

Now, we can't even get a simple pen!  If a company provides a 'lunch' we have to 'sign' that they provided 'education' for us and it is a long, drawn out process.  It is very, very rare to even see a company at any event anymore for a conference because of these new rules.  Okay, so what does this have to do with the above?  Well, apparently the 'Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is being 'sponsored' quite heavily by multiple, multiple companies!!  FOOD COMPANIES to the tune of BILLIONS of dollars a year!!  They are conducting 'educational' events at their conferences which are DIRECTLY AFFECTING the outcomes of how our children and YOU eat/drink!!  Read the report here!!  'And Now a Word From Our Sponsors'.  They ask the question themselves!  Are America's Nutrition Professionals in the Pockets of Big Food?  I would have to say resoundingly YES!  Yet, healthcare providers get slapped with fines if we accept a simple pen?  This must stop!  The obesity epidemic is only getting worse because of the lies and falsehoods that these companies purport in what they are selling Americans.  What do you think?  Read the article and voice your own opinion.....

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