Friday, February 8, 2013

Homemade Laundry Detergent & Wool Balls!!

Despite all the changes I had been making, my skin still itched.  My husband does the laundry and had been using a 'sensitive skin' laundry detergent so I decided to look at the ingredients and what did I find?  Yep, sulfites!  So, despite it being for sensitive skin, it still had the dreaded sulfites in it!  No wonder I was still itching!  So, I started searching about how to make my own laundry detergent!  There are so, so, so many recipes out there online!!  I finally found one that I rally liked and could use my own soap bars that I made!  Yeah!  It was oh so easy too!  So, while feeling better (finally) yesterday I made it!  My husband used it to do laundry afterwards and I wore clothes washed in them today.  NO ITCHING!!  Hooray!  Best yet?  It only cost me about $8.00 for supplies (including a one gallon jug, we have one other one) and all the supplies I bought will make - now get this - 576 loads!!  That equates to $0.014 per load (just over a penny!)!!  Here's the site for making the laundry detergent!!  How to make Laundry Detergent  Oh, and YES you can use this in HE washers!!

(no, this isn't my soap in this photo!)

Now you're probably wondering how well it cleaned? Just as well as commercial laundry detergent!  Now, what to do with the fabric softener?  I didn't want that chemical either!  I found another site that taught me how to make 'felted wool balls'.  So, I made a bunch of those and we used them!  Best of all, they can be used over, and over, and over, and over, and over!!  They cost me about $14.00 and I ended up with 8 wool balls.  How well did they work?  Very well indeed!!  No more chemicals in the laundry (well besides using some bleach on whites if needed)!!  Yippee!!  Our clothes are clean, no nasty chemicals except pure 'cleaners' and saving a ton of money!  Here's the link for Felted Wool Balls  Retail on Etsy for just 4-5 balls cost $20!! Outrageous!!  They're so simple to make yourself!!  I will never buy laundry fabric sheets again!!

Aren't they pretty?!


  1. Put four in a load of damp diapers, one-piece outfits, and kiddie clothes and you can reduce the time by half! You'll be able to use clean diapers sooner than expected, plus you can reuse the dryer balls for the next load and get your complete laundry done with time to spare for other things.
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  2. You are so right! We use them with every load! It has definitely cut our cost of doing laundry.