Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Commercial Kitchen!!

Effective this Thursday, the 21st I will be signing up with a new Commercial Kitchen!!  It is pretty close to my office downtown where I work (about 2 miles) and is much friendlier and less expensive to use!!  The last couple of months I have had absolutely no luck in reaching the owner of the other kitchen.  Thankfully, I had plenty of 'stock' of my spices and dip mixes that I didn't have to worry about orders - until now.  I am about out of bottled supplies!  I have plenty of supplies to make things, but must use a commercial kitchen to actually 'make them'.  It is SC Law that we have to use a commercial kitchen to bottle our spices and dip mixes.

I am very excited about this as it will help me get things done much quicker being so close to my office.  They have a secure area, I can use THEIR address even, and I can store my supplies there!!  My insurance policy lists them as my 'business' site as well.  The insurance was the biggest obstacle in overcoming.  But, we are ready!!  They even have a 'keypad' entry that will keep track of coming in and out which will help with budgeting, etc.  On to bigger and better ventures!!

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