Thursday, March 14, 2013

Update on Laundry Detergent!!

Okay, I did the original post on February 8th so that makes it roughly 5 weeks ago.  I only did a 'half' batch of detergent (1 gallon)!  I just made another half batch!  So, one gallon makes enough to do 16 loads!

Wow, we go through a lot of laundry!  Our usual detergent is about $5.00 a bottle (we shop the military commissary) and only does 20 loads per bottle.  At a commercial store, that same detergent is roughly $8.00 a bottle.  That means it would take about 1 1/4 bottles of detergent to cover that one gallon that I made (roughly $6.25/$10.00 [commissary vs commercial store].

So, how does this break down per year?  16 loads per 5 weeks is equivalent to 167 loads per year (give or take and that is just my husband and I not our girls). We certainly won't run out of detergent any time soon! LOL!   It cost me about $0.015 per load to make the detergent and supplies were bought commercially and not at the commissary!!  The supplies that I bought has enough to make detergent to wash nearly 600 loads and cost me $8.00 total.  

1 gallon = 16 loads x $0.015 = $0.21 per gallon
167 loads x 0.015 = $2.51 (10 1/2 gallons roughly)

8.35 bottles of commercial detergent (equivalent to 10 1/2 gallons of homemade) x $6.25/$10.00 = $52.19/$83.50.  I think I like that we will onlyt go through $2.51 of detergent in a year!  How's that for frugality?

As for the yarn balls, we are still using them and they work great!  Fabric Laundry Sheets cost $6.97/200 (Snuggle at  They will be used over and over!  I will never buy laundry sheets again so the investment is definitely worth the $14.00 I spent on the wool.

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