Sunday, April 28, 2013

New Size Jars & Holiday Specials!!

Now Available!!  Larger 6oz jars!  We have four of our favorite blends available in large 6oz jars for only $6.50!!  What a fabulous value!!  Links are up on our product page!  Spice & Dip Mixes Products  The blends available include Bayou, Chili Powder, Caveman, and Mexican.  We will be getting all our blends in this large size very soon!!

Additionally, Just a note that all our dip mixes can be made into dressing!!  How is that you ask?  Instead of mayonnaise, use vegan or grass fed buttermilk instead!  It's wonderful!!  I will try to post a picture the next time we mix one up.  Have an awesome week everyone!  I have much to prepare for this weeks markets!!  We have run out of many items and need to get more made!  Foot cream, lip balms, lotion bars, soaps, and more!!  I have even created my own brand new 2 butter, almond-coconut oil soap recipe I'm going to test out!  Stay tuned for that one!

Mother's Day is Coming!!  Sunday May 12th is just 2 weeks ago!  Order now before time runs out!!  Our page has been updated especially for Mother's day!  We have some great specials and a great new 'spice pack' of jars!!  Be sure to go to the Holiday Specials Tab for these great deals!!