Saturday, April 27, 2013

Soft Shell Crab, Zesty Salad Greens with L'Ecuyer's Ranch Dressing and Roasted Artichokes!

We were at Soda City Market again today and had a fantastic time!  We get to meet lots of people and I was able to pick up a CSA Bag of greens from City Roots Farm, some wonderful Soft Shell crabs from Our Local Catch and we made our Ranch dip mix into dressing for a change!  All this made for a fabulous dinner tonight!!  Right now I feel like I just want to roll over and go to sleep, I'm so stuffed!

Just take a look!!

And, even better yet was that this was a completely Paleo dinner!!  How could this wonderful dinner be Paleo you ask?  Just look on for recipes!!

Zesty Salad Greens with L'Ecuyer's Gourmet Ranch Dressing

1 package City Roots Farm Zesty Salad Greens
1/2 tomato diced (we have to use canned as I'm allergic to raw tomatoes)
1/2 package L'Ecuyer's Gourmet Ranch Dip Mix
1 cup Organic Grass Fed Buttermilk
1 cup Organic Grass Fed Sour Cream

Place salad greens and tomatoes in a bowl and toss.  In a separate bowl, combine dip mix, buttermilk, and sour cream.  Blend well.  Allow dressing mix to 'chill' about an hour before serving (optimally).  Drizzle dressing over salad and enjoy!

Pan Seared Soft Shell Crab

4 fresh soft shell crabs, cleaned and dried
1 cup arrowroot flour
2 tbsp L'Ecuyer's Gourmet Caveman Rub
1 cup Coconut Oil

Mix arrowroot flour and L'Ecuyer's Gourmet Caveman Rub together.  Dredge cleaned crabs in flour mix.  Heat oil in skill over medium high heat.  When oil has reached 350 degrees Fahrenheit  place crabs into oil using tongs (be careful of oil splatter if crabs are not dry!).  Let sear for 3-4 minutes until crisp.  Turn and cook other side for another 3 minutes until crisp.  Place on rack over paper towels to drain any remaining oil.

Roasted Artichokes

2 globe artichokes
1 lime
1 tsp L'Ecuyer's Mexican Blend
Almond oil spray (I use Pampered Chef's pump bottle) or Olive Oil (I'm allergic to Olive Oil so I use Almond)
Pan of boiling water
Tabletop or outside grill

Bring pan of water to a boil (large enough to put both artichokes in).  Cut top 1/2 inch or so of artichoke off and bottom Cut both artichokes in half and clean the insides out (hair, and guts).  Rub the lime over the cut parts of the artichokes (helps prevent browning).  "Par boil" the artichokes in the boiling water for 10 minutes.  Be very careful placing them in the water (use tongs).  Remove from the water and lightly spray with oil and drizzle with L'Ecuyer's Gourmet Mexican Blend.  Place on heated grill and grill until nice and roasted, about 10 minutes.

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