Saturday, July 27, 2013

Produce Bags!

I don't know about you but when I go to the farmer's market, one thing that tends to bother me is that when I pick up produce, it is dumped into a bag mixed with all my other produce.  I would rather keep things kind of separate and be able to just put it away when I get home.  Well, we are going to offer a solution to that problem!!  Reusable (and completely washable!) produce bags!  These are completely hand made!

Made of 100% cotton muslin, double-stitched seams (to prevent fraying and prolong use!) with a draw string, these bags come in various sizes!   Extra small for items such as cherry tomatoes, cherries, etc.  The long (small) bag is great for carrots, celery and anything that is extra long.  The small bag  works great for regular sized tomatoes, onions, and more.  The medium bag is wonderful for small bags of potatoes, kale, lettuce, and more.  And the large bag is big enough to hold lots of great things such as broccoli, cauliflower, and lots more!  Prices are from $1 to $5 each or get a full set of all five for $12 (save $3).  Toss these in your market bags and when you shop, no need to worry about what to carry your produce in!  When you get home, you can store then in the bags in the fridge or remove the items and then wash them for future use!  Just don't forget to put them back in your market bags!  These will currently only be available at markets but depending on demand and emails, we may put them on the web-site.  So, come see us at the markets and get your bags today!

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