Friday, July 5, 2013

Registered with FDA!

I have officially registered with the FDA under the 'Voluntary Cosmetic Registration Program' to ensure my body care products meet the stringent standards of products!  I'm awaiting 'approval' that they meet the proper standards and my labeling may be 'adjusted' to ensure they do, but I want to ensure all my customers that we are compliant with all labeling and manufacturing practices!!

This is through the FDA's Office of Cosmetics & Colors.  I will be submitting each and every formulation to them over the coming weeks!  It is a VOLUNTARY process that manufacturers go through.  Not all businesses do this at all.  Be sure the company you are buying from is following good manufacturing practices!!  A Form FDA 2512 has been filed for 2 formula's already.  Every item we have will be filed with them!  I will keep you all posted as we proceed through this process!!

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