Thursday, November 28, 2013

Free Shipping!!

Effective now until Monday at Midnight, there will be free shipping for all orders over $10 for those in the US & Territories.  Don't wait!  Get your holiday shopping done now!  We will have more items posted by tomorrow!!  Stay tuned!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Ginger Snaps! GF & Grain Free!

We made these cookies for the Halloween event at a Farmer's Market and boy were they a hit!  So, we're packaging them now to sell!  Oh so yummy, grain free, gluten free and very low sugar!  They are soft and chewy but if you want harder ones, I can do that too!  I will make 'harder' ones to make pie crusts!  We only use organic ingredients as well.  A bag of 30 cookies is $5.00  I can ship these if I have notice via USPS flat rate (2 days).  Cost for shipping will depend on the quantity ordered.  The 30ct bag would run $6.50 for shipping, but if you want a larger order, I can do that too!  Trust me, I'm really not making much money off these at all!  But, I want to share what a wonderful grain free, gluten free ginger snap can taste like!  Email me if you're interested!


We have been working on soaps the last 2 days and have some great updates to old soaps!  Our No-Poo Shampoo Bar now has Comfrey Leaf Powder in it!  While it colors it green, it is a great healing herb often used in healing salves and ointments.  It also has added Tea Tree Oil which helps with fungal infections, dandruff, etc.  All in all, it a great change to our shampoo bar! These bars are $6 each or 3/$15.

We have a great new scent as well!  Spiced Citrus!  It smells so good!  Orange essential oil with tangerine, clove and peppermint.  A fantastic combination that somewhat smells like spiced orange cider.  It is also colored with annatto seed powder to give it a nice orange hue!  So nice.  We have more Lavender Vanilla soap as well.  I do need to get more goats milk now! We are out and need to make more for the upcoming holiday events.  All bars are $5 each or 3/$12.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

What fun!

My daughter and I got back from vacation yesterday and boy did we have some fun!  We saw so much of Southern California, it was insane!  We put over 600 miles on the car!  We went to Hollywood, the walk of fame, Grauman's Chinese Theater, Griffith Observatory, The LA Zoo & Botanical Gardens, Huntington Beach, a swap meet (flea market to those that don't know what a swap meet is), Venice Beach, Santa Monica Pier, Belmont Fishing Pier, and more!  We also got to go to the Jay Leno show - twice!  It was amazing!  Lastly, we saw lots of family and friends.  All in all, a great trip and much needed vacation.  Now on to 'work'! LOL!

By Monday, we will be posting updated items, the new spice blends that we have, and gift basket options for the holidays!  So, stay tuned over the next few days!!  Vacation is great, but glad to be home too.