Monday, November 11, 2013

Ginger Snaps! GF & Grain Free!

We made these cookies for the Halloween event at a Farmer's Market and boy were they a hit!  So, we're packaging them now to sell!  Oh so yummy, grain free, gluten free and very low sugar!  They are soft and chewy but if you want harder ones, I can do that too!  I will make 'harder' ones to make pie crusts!  We only use organic ingredients as well.  A bag of 30 cookies is $5.00  I can ship these if I have notice via USPS flat rate (2 days).  Cost for shipping will depend on the quantity ordered.  The 30ct bag would run $6.50 for shipping, but if you want a larger order, I can do that too!  Trust me, I'm really not making much money off these at all!  But, I want to share what a wonderful grain free, gluten free ginger snap can taste like!  Email me if you're interested!

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