Monday, November 11, 2013


We have been working on soaps the last 2 days and have some great updates to old soaps!  Our No-Poo Shampoo Bar now has Comfrey Leaf Powder in it!  While it colors it green, it is a great healing herb often used in healing salves and ointments.  It also has added Tea Tree Oil which helps with fungal infections, dandruff, etc.  All in all, it a great change to our shampoo bar! These bars are $6 each or 3/$15.

We have a great new scent as well!  Spiced Citrus!  It smells so good!  Orange essential oil with tangerine, clove and peppermint.  A fantastic combination that somewhat smells like spiced orange cider.  It is also colored with annatto seed powder to give it a nice orange hue!  So nice.  We have more Lavender Vanilla soap as well.  I do need to get more goats milk now! We are out and need to make more for the upcoming holiday events.  All bars are $5 each or 3/$12.

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