Saturday, January 11, 2014

Dead Sea Salt Bath Soaks!

Dead Sea Salt is known to have healing properties and many, many people travel thousands of miles to get to the dead sea just to sit in this water.  Now, you can sit in the salts from this sea in your own bath tub!   Enriched with French Clays, baking soda, botanicals, and essential oils, soak your troubles away!  Be sure to rinse off in the shower afterwards!!  Just visit our Body Care Product page to purchase these!!

Two distinct types are available!  Peppermint Calming Dead Sea Salt Soak and Stress Relief Dead Sea Salt Soak.  Jars are 16oz and are refillable canning jars!  If you are local and can return them to us you will save $2 off your next jar (don't forget the lid!).  If you need a scoop, that can be ordered!  Coming soon!!

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