Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Facial Bars!

Since I started making soap I have been on the hunt for a fabulous 'facial' bar that was rich in moisturizers and had a light exfoliater that didn't have any allergy offending things in it that was 'safe' for me to use.  I'm allergic to oats and wheat and these are often infused in soaps along with honey.  I had to find something I could use!  I also wanted to find something else to add vitamins and minerals that would help with healing the dreaded acne that I deal with even at nearly 50 years of age!  Well, I did it.  And it is fabulous!  The only allergy provoking ingredient (which I can change if you are allergic!) is coconut flakes (quinoa can be substituted and I'm working on one with it now!).  This bar also contains spirulina powder (a natural seaweed powder full of vitamins and minerals), coconut milk (can use almond or some other type if needed!), goat's milk, bentonite clay, and is 'molded' in a beautiful bar!  Oils used include sunflower, palm, coconut (again can use a different oil if needed), and castor oil.  The lather is outstanding!  Scents can be varied (I plan on making several scents!).  Right now it is a mild peppermint/eucalyptus//lavender.  The spirulina powder makes it a green bar.  Price is $4.00 per 3.5 oz bar.  Get them while you can!  I will also be making these in larger bars for a 'body bar' and price is yet to be determined!

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