Sunday, July 6, 2014

Article in State Paper!!

We were featured in an article in the State Newspaper today!!  In a feature article about DER Kitchen, an incubator kitchen for those that don't have the ability to have a full commercial kitchen, we rent time to utilize the facilities.  It is a great place for those that just need the time in the kitchen!!  Check it out!!

"Columbia's Incubator Allows for Some Inspired Kitchen Creations", July 6, 2014; The State Newspaper.  Photos for the article are linked to the large photo by clicking on it "view full gallery"

In the article I do talk about what helped bring me to do what I do and how HAE affects me.  The photos of me, well I look pretty rough.  I had a really bad week and was quite swollen thanks to the HAE!!  I hate having this dreaded disease!!

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